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I am a climate-tech founder 💚

👋🏻Hello! I am an 🌎Ecopreneur and Technical Founder living near Boston, Massachusetts. I am the CEO and Co-founder of Superplants. I am a Proffesor at Platzi. Speaker at UN 🇺🇳. When I am not tasting coffee, you can find me exploring plants, analyzing human action and coding. I have been featured in Forbes and many others and I basically love making humanity transcend by working in the most important truths of our time (that for me is Climate Tech). 🚀 Build something that people want and the planet needs. Before attending Babson (#1 entrepreneurship school in the world) I had successfully build, growth and exit a startup with thousands of users and reached top 5 in the App Store in Colombia (where I grew up)🦄.

"Welcome to my world"

I am capable of being consistent, passionate and emphatic. Doing meaningful stuff. Not afraid of death. Dreaming like a kid with positive intelligence. Trusted by world's leaders.
Featured by 30+ worldwide press